Start a Blog

As a blogger, I admit I am biased towards the magic that a blog can do for your business. But if we put the bias aside, there is so much value in your business starting a blog.

I know you’re thinking — but Bailey, I already have to create Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok content, how could I possible add-in another piece of content in my life. I’m overwhelmed and tapped out.

I approach blogging as repurposing the work you already doing to build relationships and strengthen brand and placing it here on your website to be a resource for yourself, your followers, and your future customers. The goal of your blog is to create educational and informational content that further builds your brands authority and supports your customers in their brand journey. It’s not to create MORE CONTENT but to create a strong foundation of the content that you create and distribute across your social media and newsletters. 

Some will use a blog as their first piece of content – and repurpose the blog into a dozen different types of content. That’s what I do for some businesses – I take a year of blog posts and create a year of Instagram content, or a year of Pinterest Content, and a few newsletters you can regularly engage with your clients.

A blog can go both ways – it can be the starting inspiration for your social channels, or it can be the archive of your social channels. — > Keep in mind that longer blog posts tend do better on the web. While the average blog post is about 1,200 words most bloggers and brands find high quality content in excess of 2,000 words performs and converts better.  This means, I might take five Instagram posts and combine them into one blog post — or take one blog post and turn into 5+ Instagram posts. I find for some channels, I’ll combine multiple Instagram posts into one long-form blog post.

Helps You Rank on Google

Gives you credibility

Content for your social media, newsletter, & more

Builds a community & support system

You own it - easy to update, refresh, and reshape

Repurpose Social Media

Creating content for your social media community is fantastic – but the algorithm is wicked and it can be a struggle to get the impactful content we spend hours creating to connect with the right person. We’ve all poured our hearts into an Instagram post only to have 21 people like it, and less than 5% of our audience see it…. right?

Why not take that mini blog and make it work for you in more places than just Instagram.

This helps you establish website authority and prevalence across the web as you rank for certain search terms, show up on Pinterest, and get shared on other social media channels. You could be someones future google search and land your next customer. The content we create the web lives much longer than the content we create on a social media platform.

How many amazing Instagram posts do you have that no one sees ever again? Take these pieces of content and create a blog post that can live on your website and be shared on social media, updated annually, and linked in your conversations. Searching your website is so much easier than searching your Instagram or Facebook for the support you’ve already created.

Help Your Customers

There are many reasons to write a blog post – you might just want to share updates to your business operations, or you might want to create value-add content. Your blog can serve a wide array of functionality, but the key will be to support your customers in making informed choices about your products or services that can serve them in the long run.

Your blog can offer an array of content that connect and sell. It won’t always be content directly about your product, but may include information that supports your customer in their life stage.

For example, when I built the Nuggles Blog, we wrote stories about how to take your baby to the beach, tips for the swimming pool, and how to manage a beach vacation. These offered us an opportunity to provide support to them, but also sneak in a product recommendation in a way they might not have originally thought. 

How to Use Your Product

Behind the Scenes of Your Business

Tricks & Tips for Product Use

Listicles of Product Examples

Support & Guidance on other similar topics your business connects with.

Build your Pinterest

Can you build a Pinterest account just featuring products? Sure

Is it easier to build a Pinterest authority and click through when you have value add content?  Yes.

Pinterest is one of my favourite search engines to utilize for blogs and businesses because it offers a unique opportunity to get your product in front of new audiences. I have been having so much fun growing different Pinterest accounts and collecting new customers and followers. You never know who is on Pinterest, and it’s such an easy platform to start using.

But a blog helps. An establish blog with content that you can encourage people to check out is the best way to market a Pinterest account that grows your brands authority and answers important questions potential clients are looking for. 


A few more ideas

Support New Employees and Contractors — Taking the time today to create a blog is a great way to provide educational and informational resources to your new employees and contractors.

As a social media contractor, it is way easier for me to build a brands social media feed if there’s an established brand history and experience already documented on the website. 



Answer FAQ

Do you notice your customers ask you the same question over and over again? Maybe it’s time to take that answer that you give them and create a blog post. This can help you in the future because you can just start sharing the link instead of investing twenty minutes into rewriting your passionate response. 

Focus on Evergreen

Through your own content, and on other people’s content, ask questions and be a conversation starter. People love to find out who is interested in them, and then they might be interested in you.

Blogging Stats


67% increase

In monthly leads 

Companies with blogs see a more monthly leads than companies that don’t blog (Demand Metric)


of content

What wins over users and readers of your blog? Above all else quality of content continues to be the most important success factor for bloggers, businesses and brands developing content.

55% More

Visitors to their Website

Blogging is good business. Companies with blogs can see better marketing results including more visitors, more inbound links and more indexed pages. (Hubspot)