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But first, let’s get to know me.

My Story

Elementary-school Bailey thought she’d be a dancer.
High-school Bailey thought she’d be an elementary school teacher.
College Bailey considered Environmental Law.

In 2014, I graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia with a Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Studies. This is an awesome program, but a lot of people go on to get more education and become City Planners, Forestry Operations, or something a little more science-like. I wasn’t ready for that. I just wanted babies.

Babies is what I had.

During baby time, I started a blog to share my journey in motherhood. Blogging introduced me to new communities and people. I learnt about how to optimize a website, manage a Facebook account, and tackle Instagram. Through my blogs I grew passionate about curating content for digital communities and how that can create better, stronger, local spaces for people to exist.

My pride and joy is my latest project – The Cloth Diaper Podcast – a website, Instagram, future book, and podcast dedicated to Cloth Diapering. This is a space where I invite people in to tell their stories and find friendship in the loneliness of motherhood. The Cloth Diaper Podcast is my hobby, my passion, and this amazing side project that teaches me about community building, social strategy, and content creation. The Podcast was an opportunity to learn about YouTube, Video editing, IGTV, Graphics, Pinterest-strategy, and niche’d Instagram growth.

Babies are awesome, but I miss having a purpose beyond motherhood. In 2017, I started at Ryerson University to complete a Certification in Public Relations and I am set to complete in 2020. This was a choice to help expand my skills in Communication and be more marketable asset. I don’t really want to do the big world PR, I’d rather just support small businesses and brands in finding the strategy answers they need to be successful online.


My Values & Beliefs


Be who you are. Not the version the internet thinks you should be, but your true self. We see through the fake. Be authentic in your story and purpose. Authenticity is not just honesty, realness, or truth. It’s a state of being.


Skip the secrets and the crap. This is 2020 and we shouldn’t be hiding behind false masks. 

Don't be a Spammer

Know the rules, play within them. Social Media is about respecting the online space. You don’t deserve to take up people’s digital space, you earn it and that’s done by being authentic, transparent, and reading the rule book.

My Approach

I believe in the opportunity change. Who we are today, is not the same person as yesterday. This applies to social media, digital communities, and the online game. Digital spaces are in constant flux. We will work together to experiment and create content that works for your audience. Let’s put your best foot forward, and know that sometimes that foot changes.

7+ years of post-secondary taught me how to be a master of research and problem solving. That’s what I’m here for. 

I have a wicked memory and knack for finding the answers.


My Work

Social Media


  • Blog & Pinterest for Nuggles Design Canada
  • Pinterest for Caked by Katie
  • Full Content Plan for Nest & Sprout Maternity (Blog & Pinterest)
  • Communication Assistant for Sarah & Company Communications (2019-2020)
  • Communications Assistant & Support for Monogram Communications (2020 – ongoing).

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