… sharing your cloth diaper business with the world!

Done for you captions 

This easiest way to share about cloth nappies on Instagram with over 50 editable captions answering the most commonly asked cloth diaper questions.

The MAJORITY OF PARENTS don’t even consider an alternative to single-use diapers. As brands, retailers, boutiques, and influencers, we can help teach new families about the incredible versatility of the modern cloth diaper.


How it works



Purchase your caption kit through Etsy. Captions arrive as a Google Document that can be edited. You’ll also get a guide to Instagram.


Make A Plan

Plan out your Instagram feed, capturing needs of your audience and shop. 

Use the worksheets in the guide book to build out your feed.

Post to Your Social

Edit the captions to reflect your brands personality & then pair with a graphic/photo before posting to social media. 

It can be as easy as copy & paste. 

Caption are done for you.


Add your call to action or any specific details about the product you carry, or the brands you stock in store.

Designed to show up and raise awareness about cloth diapering.


Who is this for?

Cloth Diaper Captions is perfect if you are:

– Cloth Diaper Brand

– Cloth Diaper Retailer

– Baby Boutique

– Sustainabilty Shop

– Influencer, Blogger

Focus on what matters.

Why did you start a cloth diaper brand?

Writing for social media is a full time job, but you’re already wearing enough hats. Done for you captions helps you prioritize your day and focus on what really matters – the other million things that need to be done as a small business owner. 

A social media manager can cost $500+ per month.

Done for you captions can start the process to grow your business, and one day you can hire a social media manager to build you a strong content strategy.

Grow Your Business

Increase Awareness

Discover a new group of parents curious about cloth diapering. 

Become a local leader

Start conversations that identify you as a leader in cloth diapering, baby & reusables

Grow your brand

Showing up consistently on social media is one part to increasing your numbers and brand awareness. 

Drive Sales

Parents who feel supported in cloth diapering, try cloth diapering. Be that support person. 

Instagram Strategy 

Everything I know about showing on social media and building a community with Instagram in 30 pages with this Build Your Cloth Diaper Instagram guidebook is provided with every caption template.

Complete with worksheets to help you plan your instagram feed, this guide walks you through the process I go through when I hire on a new client and design a new Instagram feed for cloth diaper businesses.


Pinterest Strategy  

A beginners guide to starting your Cloth Diaper Pinterest account, this workbook walks you through the basics and what you need to know to give your pins traction. 

We walk through opening an account, creating pins, and the research & development to make the most out of your account. Designed for cloth diaper brands, but applicable to anyone. 

Hello, my name is Bailey

Author of Cloth Diapers: the ultimate guide to textiles, washing & more; host of the Cloth Diaper Podcast; and content strategist – Bailey is a communications professional who believes that perfection is over rated, and stories sell. 


Stop stressing about spelling mistakes and just start important conversations that can change the world. 

I’ve managed Instagram accounts for your favourite cloth diaper brands. 

I’ve written blogs and FAQ pages for businesses featuring cloth diapers. 

I’ve provided strategy consults for local and cloth diaper brands. 

And I love a good social media conference. 

Is this right for me?

It’s right for you if you’ve ever thought “I want to hire Bailey but I just can’t afford   it”

It’s right for you if you believe that cloth diapering is a space of continual learning and diversity.


It’s right for you if you’re looking for a modern approach to cloth diapering that embraces  different lifestyles, part time diapering, and encoruages you to just try it.


What if I don't jive with your philosophy

Then the done for you captions might not be right for you. Fill in the blank versions will be a better choice. 

What if these don't work for me?

Sometimes there isn’t an immediate return. Social media is a complex place. There are many elements that go into making it work. Contact me for a consult.


But won't everybody have the same caption?

Yes, it is possible you’ll have the same content as another brand or business. We all have the same message and vision already. Customize it with your brands voice to personalize and remember that we’re not in a completion, but rather working together to amplify the wonders of cloth diapering. 

It can take over 7 impressions to remember something. Replicating the same message to different communities while the battling the Instagram algorithm is not a problem I expect. Focus on building hyperlocal or hyper niche communities on your existing fans. 


Can you help me more?

Yes. I offer customization services, consulting, and management for social media. 

This digital package is a way for me to offer low-cost cloth diaper social media without the sticker shock. Monthly management can cost $500-1000 depending on engagement and creation.

I can work with you to create different types of bundles, repeatable content to fit any budget. 


There's a mistake or error

Hey, I know. I’m imperfect.

If you find a mistake or error, let me know and I’ll correct it. I do spell check, review, and edit multiple times but that does happen. It is spelt with Canadian English.

If you have any other ideas, captions, or needs let me know.  

Ready to Work Together?