Hosting a giveaway on social media can be a great idea but it does take a little finesse to make it work for you and your brand/business. Many brands and businesses are doing giveaways wrong and not getting the results they want, myself included. One of my last giveaways flopped and looking at what I did and the asks I asked, I know why.

  1. Know the Legal Crap – Playing by the rules is not only the right thing to do but serves your audience. It ensures your page doesn’t get shut down for violating terms of service and you don’t get into unnecessary legal trouble. Giveaways that play by the rules garner respect and appreciation from your community. 
  2. Know your Audience  – Plan a giveaway that attracts the right kind of audience to your space. Take a moment to think about who you actually want on your list because everyone isn’t your market. Numbers mean nothing if they don’t engage with you or buy from you. 
  3. Know your Give – Different gives result in different results. Generally larger valued gives perform better, and product over gift certificates. It’s tacky to give gift certificates that don’t cover the entire product you offer, or to request extra shipping costs. There shouldn’t be any added costs to the winner. 
  4. Know your Ask – Keep your ask simple and straightforward. Complicated requirements are likely to result in a lower engagement unless the potential value intrigues people. Consider how the prize value and type of prize impacts the lengths people are willing to go to participate.
  5. Know how to Select a Winner – Different tools allow you to ask different things and create different types of giveaways. Before you spend hours verifying a winner and counting names, consider what your time is worth and what tools are out there to help you. There are lots of different free and paid giveaway tools to help you keep track of and verify winners on social media and website based giveaways.
    • WooBox – limits of 100 entrants on Free Plan
    • Rafflecopter – Widget, not favoured by Mobile users, free limited version.
    • Giveaway Tools – Widget for website giveaways, free.
    • Arbitery – $3.99 per Instagram Sweepstake, Monthly package available – currently using and been happy.