What Can I Do For You?

How can I help you live your life?

Because it’s okay to pay someone to do the things you don’t want to do. 

Does social media overwhelm you?

Then let’s get chatting.

Social Media is fun. It’s an online space to bring your real life community together. It’s an opportunity to share your story and your brand with your people. With story telling we connect, build trust and loyalty.

You need social media.

It’s 2021, you need to present in your communities online lives to remind them of your value, your product, or your offerings. 

What Is Social Media Management?

Curating Content

I can help you find curate content to share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. This is finding content your audience will resonate with and share.  

Engage & Grow Your Community

Where are the people? It can feel like your pulling teeth trying to get your people to show up for you. If you show up for them, they might show up for you. Let me help you actively engage for you on your platforms.

Creating Content

I can help you create content for your Pinterest account, or your Instagram. We can work together to create blogs or websites to drive traffic. Creating content is about finding that personal flair to showcase your brand. 

Strategy & Learning

But, where should I start? Let us sit down and chat about which platforms work, which might not, and how to use them. I want you to be confident in using social media to tell your story and understand enough to get by without me. 


Let’s set up a Facebook Page 

Build a Facebook Community 

Curate & Create Content

Schedule Content, Write Copy  


Set Up an Account

Create & Schedule a Feed of content 

Create & Publish Stories

Engage & Build a Following

Teach you How to IG



Set up an account

Automate Content

Create Content

Drive Sales

Emails & Web

Set up regular email bulletins

Design & Draft e-newsletters

Create web-content from blogs to graphics

Set up simple websites like this

 Update & Edit websites with the new


How Do I know If I’m ready to let someone else do it?

Each day that passes that you don’t do it, I could be doing it. It’s really hard to let someone else do something you think you can, or should do. But, I’m here for you  and easy-going. We can find a groove, and work together. I’m excited to get to know you and curate something that will make your brand excel.

Do you have an idea?

Whether you do or don’t, I’m here. We can make ideas together, or you can trust me to do them.

What is your story?

Know your story. Your story is important to me and your brand. It’s what will drive and shape our time together and the content we manage. 


Can you let me do my thing?

Will you be able to give me the reigns? My biggest struggle working with brands is waiting for their approval. Do you have the time to approve? Or the willingness to trust me? Are you ready to let someone else Admin and/or share a password?

What kind of relationship are you looking for?

Could this be the beginning of something more? I believe in long term relationships but know that it begins somewhere. Let’s try this, and if it’s awesome, I’d love to be around to support you long-term.

But what about me?

We can keep you in the brand. Stepping away from digital content creation doesn’t mean your voice is gone. Your voice will still be there, you just don’t have to worry about it.


What’s the Cost?

That’s a hard question that will vary from project to project – as we assess the scale of the project. Do you already have key messaging in place? Do you have images, or will we be creating graphics from scratch?

Social Media Captions Start at $150/month.

Pinterest Strategy & Implementation Start at $300/month

Blog Writing Starts at $100/post

Hourly rates available at $45-65/hour depending on needs, availability and requests.


How It Works

Let's Chat

We’ll get together digitally, in person, or via email and find your needs, wants, and dreams. 


Make A Plan

I’ll make a plan including a general strategy for making this all work, including some pricing options.

Crush Your Social

You decide what you want to do and I put it into action.

Where do I start? Strategy Session 

Not even sure where to start? Or which accounts need your attention? This is where we can start with a conversation, audit, and research into some of the best strategies for you. 

More Details

Perfect for small businesses and brands, we can get to know where you are standing in your niche, community, or industry. I will provide you with observations about your current set-up, and provide direction for your strategy.

This is a pick-Bailey’s-brain experience. I’ll let you know whether Instagram is the right choice for you, and provide you with the stats to back it up. I’ll give you some ideas of content to explore or curate, and where we can go.


Social Media Management

Just need someone to take it over and do the IG posts, the Facebook comments, and the Twitter retweets? Then you need me to be your social person. This package will look different depending on the number of accounts, post frequency, and expected response time. 

More Details

Perfect for those of you established and rocking, but just needing to focus back on what matters and gives you joy. I can find the content, create the content, and schedule. I can follow up and ensure that you’re participating in the online community as a representative of your brand.

Other potential costs: brand photography, vectors & graphic use, scheduling tools – if needed (re: Tailwind for Pinterest)


That Assistant Life

Just need to get that to-do list completed? You’ve been dreaming of a LinkedIn account, of updating your website contact information, and changing out your Facebook cover photo? Let’s chat about that list. Hourly rates available. 


More Details

I can do anything you don’t want to do. Within reason.  My Jill of all Trades expertise does have limits, but I’ll let you know what those limits are. I have access to Adobe Creative programs, as well experience with Canva and other online editing programs. 

Let’s tackle that list.


The Other

Is there something else that you need help with? Don’t be scared to ask. I am capable. 


More Details

Here’s some ideas of other things I can do for you:

  • Teach you how to use a Social Media Platform
  • Create an Infographic
  • Write a Blog Post
  • Build a Brand Ambassador Program
  • Customer Research
  • Set up a Website
  • Update a Website
  • Collect your logos
  • Create social media guidelines and processes
  • Support you with minor crisis management
  • Brand Photography
  • Podcast Set Up
  • YouTube Set Up


Ready to Work Together?