You have a Facebook Page. That is awesome. You need a Facebook Page for your business because you can’t use your personal profile for business, and Facebook is the 2020 Yellow Pages. It’s a tool that you need to be accessible in this time and age.

The thing about having a Facebook page is that it needs to look a little alive. You need to feed it every now and then, so if Joe Smith, your future client, lands on your Facebook Page today, they know you’re still in business. If your last post on your Facebook Page was August 2017, they might begin to have some doubt. Not all clients think like that, but I do, and I’m your every day millennial.

What to Post on a Facebook Page?

The first thing that I’m going to say is that finding your Facebook mojo is trial and error; all of social media is trial and error. Every niche in every region has customers who are going to think about and use social media in a different way.

Think about your ideal client and how they might use Facebook and the type of content they want to engage in, and will engage in. This is not about you, it’s about them. If Sarah Brown is your ideal client and she doesn’t use Facebook because she’s on Instagram, then it reconsider your goals. Maybe your goal is to get Sarah’s Mom to know you exist; so that at Christmas dinner she tells Sarah about you. Or it’s something entirely different. There are many possibilities here.

It’s okay if all you do is keep your page alive by reposting IG content so that Sarah’s Mom can tag you on Questions & Answers PG as the best ABC Donut store in town.

I feel like there is a lot of pressure to have this magnificent social media strategy because it’s 2020, but it’s okay if you don’t. Sometimes you need to go offline to build relationships. Sometimes you have to hustle in a different way. That’s fine, social media is a Yellow Pages of the internet.

Going Viral is not easy, and it’s not always the goal you want.

Types of Content to Post
Consistently post a mix of content types. When you think about the content you want to reshare think about the value add that it gives your followers. Value add can be as simple as thought provoking, laughter, or a smile. Value add can also be as in-depth as sharing an industry secret.

  • Educational/Informational Content Related to your Niche
  • Memes related to your niche, ideally they also reflect your personalty.
  • Personal life updates because people follow your business for you more than your business.
  • Business promotions, new products, and opportunities.
  • Related News updates
  • Social Issues you are passionate about

This content should be something people will like, share, or comment on – or maybe they just pause and read. Facebook tracks when we pause, even if we don’t give it a thumbs up.

Content Format
Share a mix of different contents from video, to pictures, to text, to memes. You also want to mix up the length of your content. Sometimes people want two lines, sometimes they want a full story. But they don’t usually want all of it all the time. When sharing pictures, graphics, or other video content be sure to check Facebook guidelines for best sizing so it doesn’t get cut off.

  • Memes
  • Pictures
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Links back to your website for more information and content
  • RESHARING – hit that reshare button every now and then. It’s good for everyone.
  • Just text

Consider the readability of your content. Share text captions or copy for those who may have poor eyesight or difficulty reading. It’s important that you content is accessible to everyone. Important updates should have text copy in the caption along with a graphic (if needed).

Things to Avoid Sharing

  • Don’t be sexist, racist, homophobic. It might not be obvious but inclusivity is in these days, and it’s important to watch your words and avoid a PR scandal.
  • Overshare personal details – it’s important to be human, but you don’t need to share every life moment.
  • YouTube Video Links, very rarely will someone go off the platform to watch a video. Instead find the video on Facebook (or if it’s your video, upload direct to Facebook WITH CAPTIONS) and share the video.
  • Spam content – spam content is vague terminology, but avoid sharing things are that are too good to be true, legit not true, or content they consistently don’t care about and hit the hide button on.
    • like chain posts
  • Hashtags unless it’s super specific to an event or cause like #OrangeShirtDay
  • Just sales or just marketing – you NEED A VALUE ADD.
  • Giveaways that require sharing and tagging – this goes agains the terms of service.
  • Using other peoples content without attribution, your tenth grade English teacher is watching. Don’t plagiarize.