I’m Bailey.

A Jill of all {Digital} Trades, Content Strategist

I help small businesses create and implement digital content.



Social Media Strategy

Not sure where to begin or what to do next with your social media accounts? 

Let me help you discover your next social move with research into the latest trends and community insights.


Stay Social on Social

Social works when you are social. It’s about building communities.

Let me help you stay active online while you focus on your offline passion. 


Keep Web Presence Alive

Websites need love and attention to succeed and stay updated.

Does your website need new copy? Updated links? Or do you just want to build something super simple? 

Everything Else

What else do you want to start? A Podcast? Weekly Newsletters? Letterhead? Pinterest Strategy?

This mama is a self professed Jill of all Trades, meaning I can probably do it. If you have a digital task you just need done, I’m your lady.

What is Digital Content?

Digital content is all those pieces on the web that create your identity from your website to your social media accounts, and beyond.

One of my favourite projects to work on is to develop educational/informational content for websites that can then be furthered promoted and shared via social media. The magic is to make one piece of content work in a dozen different ways to reach a variety of different learners.

A Focus on Organic.

I’m not a marketer, I can’t set up google ads or Facebook ads.

But I can help you be discovered organically through the power of SEO, strategic social media, trends, and other tools in my kit to support you creating that content that is found without money.  

What will it look like?

This is going to look different depending on your needs, wants and the project. We can work together long-term or short-term. We can meet up in person (coffee? or via Zoom), or just send emails. 

1. Ask Me.

Send me an email or message about what you need done, your expectations, and your budget. I’ll get back to you if it’s a good fit or not.

2. Will This Work?

A quick phone call or cup of coffee and we can chat about if this is the right relationship to embark on. Much like a job interview, we both need to trust each other to get the job done.

3. Let's Make a Deal

We will work together to develop a package, hourly rate, or monthly cost for your needs.  

4. Make Magic

Time to get the job done. If this is a long-term job, we’ll have regular check-in’s and reviews. I always want to make sure we are in sync and creating/curating content that resonates for you and your brand. Or that I’m not making a mess. 

About Me

During my undergraduate, I wrote a paper on how small rural-towns in Northern British Columbia were creating digital spaces on social to create a sense of place and belonging. I never knew then, what I know now about the incredible power of online communities to create friendships and build in the trust and authenticity of brands.

Since that paper, I graduated, had babies, started a blog and a podcast, and made a few amazing friends on the internet.  

I recently completed a Certificate in Public Relations from Ryerson University.



“Bailey is a trailblazer, a creator and mom boss extraordinaire! You won’t be disappointed with Bailey Bouwman”.
 – Katherine